August Special Events
Registration Required on all Events
except Cosmic Connections.
Call 860-668-6424
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Saturday, August 26th
Unicorn Meadow Farm Annual Pot Luck Picnic
No Reservation Required!
Bring your family!
Bring your friends!
Starts 11ish Ends 3ish
Bring a dish to share. 
Bring your own soda/drink.  No alcohol please.    
Unicorn Meadow Farm is providing
burgers, dogs, veggie burgers and
artesian well water.
Join us for fun and good eats!
Come enjoy the company of friends - old and new.
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Cost: This is a free event.
Donations gratefully accepted but not required.

Sunday, August 27th
Cosmic Connections
Walk-In Psychic Readings, Channelings and Intuitive Healings

Cosmic Connections is a gathering of like minded souls, a place to connect and explore. It is a unique combination of healers, psychics and more in a relaxed New England Farm setting.
Come relax around the kitchen table, have a cup of tea and enjoy some conversation before and/or after your session.

Practitioners scheduled this month:

Martina Boyer- Reiki
Patrice Gildner - Channeling of the Ascended Masters & Others
Chantal Haracsy - Intuitive Healing/ Crystal Bowl Vibrational Healing/ Oracle Card Readings
Marion Porter - Shamanic Healing/ Tuning Forks
Lynne Hartwell -Medicinal Aromatherapy / Transformational Healing / Psychic Readings

Practitioners page for details on these practitioners and their offerings.

Time: Noon to 4 PM

Cost: Individual 30 minute sessions/ $30 Special Event Pricing
*Tea, water and conversation free.

Tuesday, August 29th
Working with Dreams Introductory Workshop - Anne Schipani
Do you have a feeling there is something important coming through your dreams, but are unsure how to harness their wisdom and power?  Perhaps you remember your dreams but are not sure how to interpret them?  Or maybe you have trouble recalling your dreams at all?  Perhaps you have mysterious dream experiences and are looking for some perspective on these?
Come explore the inspiring world of dreams in this introductory workshop, and understand how to begin to integrate dream wisdom into your daily life.  
Working with your dreams can bring you more clarity & creativity….they can play an important role in healing, spirituality, intuition, and so much more!  
The first part of this workshop will include a lecture class format with information on a variety of perspectives on dreams and different ways to work with them, including: biological, multicultural, creative, and psycho-spiritual (including special kinds of dreams – precognitive/intuitive, nightmares, lucid, astral, and archetypal) approaches.  Tips will also be given for developing your ability to recall dreams more regularly and the effective use of a dream journal.
In the second part of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to share a dream and explore it’s meaning with the group.  (Note* It is not required to bring a dream to share with the group, and there may or may not be enough time for everyone to share.)  We will go beyond the oversimplified dream dictionary approach, and instead explore how to engage in a personal relationship with your dreams to discover their real meaning for yourself.  

I invite you to explore with us this integrative dream work method, using both creative and practical dream applications for increased wellness of mind, body, and spirit.  
Plus, it’s just fun!
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $30