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Friday, June 9th
Lemurian Crystal Healing
An Intuitive Natural Healing Workshop
With The Intuitive and White Time Healing Expert Bradford W. Tilden
Be Prepared to Discover your True Nature And Natural Healing Power
As the Lemurian Crystals Open your Awareness To New Earth Consciousness

Crystals gemstones, healing music will be for sale.
High vibrational Medicinal mushroom and and moringa tree product samples will be offered to enhance your experience.

Included are 2 guided meditation initiations!
This workshop also SATISFIES the Pre-requisit for Lemurian Intuitive Natural Healing Level 1, to be offered later this summer!
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $30

Saturday, June 10th
Create Your Own Tree of Life Pendant
Join Carol Clark and create your own " Tree of Life " pendant. Deepen your connection to nature or to your own Life force by creating a beautiful and unique "Tree of Life " wire wrapped work of art.

Carol of Earth, Wind & Spirit has been creating jewelry for over 10 years. She enjoys every opportunity to share her passions.
Her easy fun loving nature combined with her love and knowledge of the craft make her workshops very enjoyable and rewarding.
Time: 1- 3:30 pm
Cost: $35 Cash at the door

All materials included. Tools provided however if you have your own tools please bring them.

Sunday, June 11th
A Summer Solstice Labyrinth Guided Journey
Presented by Lynne Hartwell, Medicinal Aromatherapist and Psychic Intuitive of over 20 years
Come join us as we celebrate the Summer Solstice and deepen our Spiritual Journey together with a Labyrinth Walk, Plant and Tree Essences (Essential Oils), and Journeying with Spiritual Guides & Angels.

Ancient Cultures held this time of year in High Regard for many reasons-primarily this is symbolic for us and our Spiritual Evolution.

This is the Highest Point of the year in Raising our Consciousness and Vibration.
To be fully Present in this moment, to shed greater light onto our own lives and experiences

*Deepen your Intuition and “awareness” with the assistance of Plant and Tree Essences (Essential Oils).
*Keep a sample of the Essence you chose to continue your Journey at home.
*Walk a Special Labyrinth Journey designed to Deepen your Understanding of your Path and Direction.
*Journey Within in a Special Guided Meditation.
*Journey with your Spiritual Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters.
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Cost: $40.00 (includes all materials)

Tuesday, June 13th
Learn to walk a Magickal Path      
~A year and a day program~ With: Sharon D’Angelo
Starting: Tuesday, June 13th, continuing the 2nd Tuesday of each month for 13 months.

Learn about the “Old ways” and awaken the magic inside you.
Align with the phases of the moon and the changes of the seasons.
Study herb lore, divination, spell-crafting and explore ritual.
Connect to the circle within, and the divinity that lives within you.
Get to know the gods and goddess of different pantheons, and how honoring them and working with them can help you in your life.  
Learn about the the elements – Air, Fire, Water & Earth and how working with them in ritual can help find balance in your spirit.
Learn how creating ritual and harnessing your power can create positive change in your life - How you can co-create with the universe.

Sharon is a Wiccan High Priestess. and has been walking the path of the witch for several years.    She brings wisdom, passion, and her magick, dispelling many ill-conceived notions of what a witch is.
** This is a full 13 month program, and a commitment to attend is required.  Make up classes can be arranged, if necessary **
Time: 7 - 9 pm
Cost: $25 per month

Friday, June 16th
Messages from Heaven with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Messages from Heaven with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Validating messages from your loved ones in spirit through a certified evidential
medium. Enjoy the bold and brassy messages with honest love and
compassion for you. Enjoy an evening of laughter and joy with audience
readings in a gallery setting.
Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working in the New England area and nationally for 22 years. She is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation as well as a 3 time
published author.  www.RebeccaAnne.org

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Cost: $30 Cash at the door

Saturday, June 17th
Summer Solstice Celebration // Naughty Shaman + Vasu Tribe
Come find your wild...
CELEBRATE the start of the summer season in a sacred way with the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts and Vasu Tribe Studio!
Craft flower crowns for women and grass crowns for men to celebrate
the abundance and beauty of the season, as we dance to drums and music.
Please bring an instrument if you have one!
We come together as a
community for a Solstice Fire Ceremony to celebrate the light. Music,
Magic, Friends....and Summer!
Cost: $20
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Monday, June 19th
An Evening of Chinese Healing Modalities using Tea, Tong Ren & Tui Na- Acupressure Massage
*First, our evening will begin with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Participants  learn about and sample a couple of different organic Chinese teas and learn about their usages in healing various conditions in the body. Learn about the concept of Yin and Yang and how this concept not only affects the energy of the world around us, but also the health of our bodies.
*Next, we will experience a newer Chinese based healing modality called Tong Ren Healing. Tong Ren means “Bronze Man” and refers to the small bronze man statues upon which ancient Chinese acupuncturists learned the acupressure points of their craft. Today, Tong Ren Healing refers to a healing modality discovered by Master Tom Tam, an acupuncturist from the Boston area, which combines modern scientific anatomical and physiological discoveries with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using an acupuncture doll, a metal hammer, and the energy of the collective unconsciousness to stimulate and open acupressure points and energy blockages in the body, much like Distance Reiki to facilitate healing on the energetic and physical levels.
*Third, everyone will get a short chair Tui Na acupressure massage session to further open the blocked energy meridians and acupressure points in the body.

Cost: $25
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 21st
Cosmic Connections - A MIni Psychic Fair with a Twist
ractitioners scheduled this month include:

Sunday, June 25th
Cosmic Connections - A MIni Psychic Fair with a Twist
Practitioners scheduled this month include: