Lynne Hartwell -
Lynne Hartwell is an Alternative Medicine Specialist and Spiritual Life Guide. She utilizes different effective natural healing modalities to help clients understand, shift, and move forward in their lives. She is certified in several Holistic Healing Modalities and has learned from many Masters in the field.
She has appeared in numerous radio, tv, and public speaking presentations throughout CT and MA and holds a private practice in CT.
Her classes and workshops are taught in an uplifting, positive, and non-judgmental manner and often with a sense of humor that creates a positive atmosphere to learn and participate within.

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Tuesday, March 27th
Get Unstuck!
Move forward in your life.
Are you tired of being stuck in life? Are you getting caught up in drama and distraction and not living the life you intend?
Join us as Lynne shares methods that helped her move beyond what held her back in life, including severe depression & suicide and of just going through the motions and not being connected to the “joy” in her life.
We will explore how Root Cause Analysis, Sound Vibration, Breath Technique and Plant & Tree Essences can help us connect to our true selves and release what blocks us. There will be exercises in which we learn effective methods that help us better understand the source of what blocks us, and how to release what holds us back.
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Cost: $20

Sunday, April 23rd
Labyrinth Journey
Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways, often present at subtle yet powerful centers of Earth’s energy they help to enhance, balance, and re-connect our unity within ourselves and the Earth/Universe.
They provide us an opportunity to journey within, re-connecting to our higher selves and a higher purpose to our meaning. They can also be used as a pathway to fostering greater Peace within ourselves, our loved ones, and our World.
This day will also feature healing sounds of drums, crystal pyramids, & chimes as you walk your labyrinth journey. You will also be anointed with a sacred plant or tree essence to deepen your journey experience.
Wear comfortable shoes/sneakers and
 appropriate clothing as we will be outside.
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Cost: $10