Nancy Allen -
Multi-Dimensional Healing, Energetic Balancing and Vibrational Healing
Transforming Universal Healing Energy into a usable form through intent.
Nancy attained her Reili III, Master Practitioner certification in 2004.
In the Fall of 2011 she attained her Multi-Dimensional Master Healer certification.
The following year she was introduced to and fell in love with the vibrational energy of the Tibetan Bowls. In July of 2013 she attained her Level III Vibrational Healing certification. She has also had a life long appreciation and connection with the healing properties of crystals and minerals.
Nancy feels she is simply a channel for Divine Energy who has learned a variety of means to deliver that energy. In a healing session she will consult with her guides and yours on the most beneficial way to deliver that healing energy to you according to your needs and highest good.

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