Sandy Hayward -
A medium is a person whose senses are so acute that they register the presence of spirits belonging to the non-physical world. They interpret the information which the spirits wish to impart, and deliver the messages to people still in the physical world. 
Sandy has communicated with family and loved ones in the spirit world for 17 years. In 2004, after Level II Reiki training, this ability was heightened exponentially and so in 2014 she began formal training as a medium. Sandy’s primary purpose in this work is to help the living connect with loved ones who have passed.

Weekly Mediumship & Intuitive Development Circle
Our circle provides an open space for mediums and intuitives to develop and refine their skills, and to connect with other energy workers. We invite all levels of practitioners, beginner through experienced. At this circle we will primarily spend time practicing the art of the medium along with developing our intuition. Participants will also obtain skills in energetic cleansing for yourself and your space, and will receive occasional lessons in card reading and the use of pendulums. Our primary objective is to provide a fun and supportive environment in which to learn, practice and share experiences while maintaining respect for what is in the best and highest good of all present.
Cost: $10
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 P.M.
Meets Wednesdays

This is a weekly circle. Cash at the door. No registration required.
It is, however, strongly recommended that you check this page for cancellations.