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Friday, September 8th

Messages from Heaven with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Messages from Heaven with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Validating messages from your loved ones in spirit through a certified evidential medium. Enjoy the bold and brassy messages with honest love and compassion for you. Enjoy an evening of laughter and joy with audience readings in a gallery setting.
Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working in the New England area and nationally for 22 years. She is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation as well as a 3 time published author.
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $30 Cash at the door

Friday, September 8th

Private Toning Sessions - Bradford Tilden
Toning is a Meditative Discipline that focuses on connecting you breath (divine consciousness) with your voice (Divine Will).  Their union is what gives form to your body, mind and life.  The results of practicing toning can be freedom from stress, clearing and releasing emotional blockages, breaking down self-limiting thought forms, dispelling other people’s energy, self-empowerment, transformation, and a deeper connection with your Soul expression.  
The sessions are very simple.  We start with a check-in where we discuss your goals for the session.  We sit across from one another with a crystal bowl between us that I play, initially.   We connect with our eyes and begin to “tone” with the bowl.  Toning is the uninterrupted cycle of inhale-silence/exhale-sound.  Over time your confidence and strength with grow to match mine.  The session unfolds organically. There is a gradual swelling of power and rising frequency of the vibration until it reaches an apex where the energy will crest and reside to silence.  We will end with a share, feedback and goal setting for  you to work on.   
Cost: $80/hr $50/half hr
Time: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm by appointment
Last session scheduled at 6 pm.
Call Bradford directly to schedule your session. Phone: 415-420-6232

Sunday, September 17th

Peace Through Connection - A Day Long Retreat
Facilitated by Lynne Hartwell
All of us face growing change and uncertainty on a Global scale, and the Universal Role we have may be unclear or constantly shifting.   
A Unique Opportunity for the Light Workers, Holistic Practitioners & Professionals, and those who are Consciously Aware. Come together for a full day of Inspiration, Centering and Connection. Build new friendships and deepen those already established.
Some activities will be outside, weather dependent.
All activities will be brought indoors if conditions are not favorable.
What is Included:
*What is our Mission? -discussion on Personal & Community Intentions
*Connection Within: Soulful Labyrinth Meditation Journey
*Connection with Earth: Re-connect through the Power of the Medicine Wheel
*Connection with Universe: Creating an Energy Grid using Activated Crystals, Plant Essences and Ocean Shells in a Sacred Geometric Pattern.
*CommUNITY exercises that strengthen the bond of the group and raise our Vibration together.
Please note: we will be sharin
g a special optional Community Potluck Dinner together at the end of the event. Everyone bring a dish to share-this should be one of your favorite dishes or something special to your family or to yourself.  Please let me know what you’re bringing so we don’t duplicate items.

Time: 9:00 am - 4 pm
Cost: $80.00 Early Bird fee if paid on or before September 10th
          $120 after that date or at the door

Brown Bag Lunch. Refrigerator, stove, microwave available.
Artesian well and tea provided.
Reservations Required - sorry no admittance without prior registration
Please Call or txt Lynne (617) 872-6399
Payments may be made via PayPal (